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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year?

Last night Dec.30 my car decided to die.We were finishing up our new years shopping and had to make 1 more stop.Naturally I shut the car off,picked up the last few things and went back to the car- NO GO.
After trying for a while it became necessary to try and get home.At this point I called a friend(I thought) for a ride home.He was 5 mins. away but said he was to busy working on a computer to pick us up.At this point I called a friend who lives a mile away from us and although she NEVER drives at night or in town-she is 73,she said she would still come and get us.Fortunately a young friend was home and he drove her car to get us.
My so called friend called a few times after we got home--not in the mood to talk to him last night.
First thing this morning he called and instead of being concerned about the welfare of my ill wife he wanted to tell me about the computer problems he had last night.
It seems to me that the welfare of my friends is a good deal more important than an old computer.
It is disheartening to find that this friend is just another self centered moron. Oh well,life goes on.


Blogger Zareba said...

kejvsThe wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine. Even though so many selfish, self centered people seem to have all the luck, I would not want to change places with them.

We do what we can for others and let the rest of it look after itself.It is more important to be able to look ourselves in the eye in the mornings, and I know you feel that way too.l

10:27 PM  

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